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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 17, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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are gassy they have bino. and depressed, which seeing the market they have it. check it out. >> that's it for the cost of freedom. have a great weekend. >> in a rush to wrap up business before the end of the year. the senate meeting today and passing last minute legislation that affects millions of americans. just a short time ago, the senate pushed through an extension of the pay roll tax cut and agrees to continue jobless benefits. this avoids a government shut down and a budget bill. hello, everybody. i am uma in washington and coming up in 30 minutes, we'll find out what president obama thinks when he speaks at the white house . for now first to capitol hill where mike emanuel is standing by with the latest of the happenings on capitol hill .
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republicans say about passing it and the inclusion of the key stone pipe line. >> republicans argue that the key stone pipe line is privately funded and will not cost taxpayers a dime and one measure of the two months poextension that will create jobs and mitch mcconnell tried to put pressure on president obama. >> i am hopeful that the president in the course of the 60 days will do the right thing the country and get a crucial project underway. the only thing standing between thousands of american workers and the good jobs this project provides is a presidential decision. >> the two-month extension of the holiday and unemployment benefits and medicare doc fixes. and pays for to fannie mae and freddie mac will raise 36
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billion and net positive over two months. >> we have been to the brink before where we had a deadline loom two months is not long. what happens in february? >> i talked to two key senators who say they will be home for christmas for a month of that. and they will come back in for the presidential primaries and a senior senate democrat on the upcoming fight. >> when we come in to fight this battle in the month of february, the president will have his state of the union message. don't forget that and i believe that we will be in the driver seat and looking at the economy. and the republicans want the economy to tank or keep going up. >> you mention the threat of a government shut down. senate voted scen-32 to pass a one trillion government funding bill. make. thank you very much and a busy
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saturday ipdeed. here is the items in the spending bill. 5.8 billion and almost 40 billion for homeland security programs. that is it a five percent cut over all . border security and immigration get a boost. erate.4 billion for the epa. six percent liss than what the president asked for. and 3.4 billion for congress's own budget. not everyone is happy with the last minute work coming out of the congress. who is to blame. the congressman join us for response. great to have you here today. >> thank you, uma. >> thank you. >> and congressman, this is a temporary expension and inpiring jobless benefits minus the millionaire's surtax to finance the measure.
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senate democrats gave up on getting it through. how will democrats in the house react to this? >> some of them want the millionaire surtax. i am more interested in what happened with a two day effort. and former small business owner. we need to have stability to do this and not predict and have something longer than this. >> it will have a big debate in february. >> to the dismay of the white house republicans were able to put pressure and force the president to make a decision within 60 days on whether to green light the key store pipe line. it is supposed to create thousands of jobs and and virtually insures a partisan fight. what impact will this in the election year. >> it is a great debate on what creates jobs private sector or more government
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stimulus. i agree with my friend from texas. i am disappointed in the senate but this is the same senate that has not done a budget in 962 days. we need to give our country our job creators much more than two months visibility on what is going on out there. >> to that point, lawmakers could not agree on how to pay for a package that extend the tax cuts through the next election. we have a two month bandoid and forcing the discussion in february. you think it is kicking the can down the road without any solution. >> yes. when you look at doctor's fix and look at other thingings. how we pay for it is important. what came out of the house, it is a pay cut and there were 25 billion and the deficit. and again, we have to find a
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way to pay for it. and i do agree with my friend david, being from texas, the key stone pipe line is good and would end up in the refineries in texas. i do support the key stone pipe line. >> congressman, do you happening that congress can get the job done as we go forward and do you think that real change comes about and see real solution? >> if you are asking for real change, i am sorry i don't think that happens until there is a different senate. i think we would have to move back to regular order and do your work in the house and the senate does its work instead of complete avoidance. and i think for political reasons. as the congressman from texas just mentioned, we can't kick it down the road. we have huge, huge debt issues
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and spending issues and demograpic issues. we are tinkering around the issues. and i am heart broken. >> you feel like it is another sign that congress continues to not do the job that it was set out to do? >> i am going to back you up there, i am proud of the house. house stepped and some of it is partis an and some bipartisan. we pushed product and decisions and votes to the senate. we need our brothers and sisters in the senate to step up and do their job. >> we have to end the discussion and i know you are watching everything closely as you get set to vote next week. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you david and uma. >> and a big sticking point when it heads to the house and
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president, will be the key stone project. as we said. we'll talk with one of the most outspoken supporters of that project. septemberor kay bailey hutchinson will tell us why it is a job creator despite the concerns if the pipe line goes through and why it needs to be included in the spending bill. >> after nine years, the war in iraq is officially coming to an end. by december 31st last american combat troops will be pulling out. today, president obama welcomes servicemen and women home. molly is in washington now . joining me in the studio with more on that. >> yes, the president praised u.s. troops for the honor, skill and bravery in iraq over the past nine years. >> the troops are now preparing to march over the border and out of the country. iraq's future will be in the
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hands of its own people and the war will be over and all of our troops will be out of the iraq and this holiday season, all of us can say welcome home. >> and as the troops pack up prepare to come back home, the president said after years of rebuilding iraq, it is time to look at our ret vans and rebuild america and time for the country to come together and make sure every american has a chance to work for a decent live own their own home. republicans want to make sure returning soldiers are able to find a good job and press the president to move forward with something you heard a lot about. the controversial key stone pipe line that will create tens was thousands of jobs and strengthen the national security. >> key stone would allow us ta transport 700 barrels from canada to refineries in the united states. having a steady source of energy from our friend and
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ally here would make us less dependent on energy from the volatile middle east. >> the obama put off a decision until after the next year's presidential election so that more environmental studies can be done. two pandas there getting a kick out of the snow in northeast china. will any of us see white stuff in time for the holidays? maria molina has the forecast. maria. is there any chance to have a white christmas. >> doesn't look good for us in the northeast. right now in the area. so unfortunately doesn't look like a white christmas is in the forecast as next week. christmas is coming and we do have snow right now in portions of the northeast.
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moisture is picked up over the lakes. most of the that is life stuff and not accumulating out there. and southern texas. light rain and most of that is not heavy it is not going us out of the drought. we'll take it. and across the southwest, a storm system that doesn't have moisture either. it is bringing in light showers. >> and we'll look at the reports. still seeing santa ana winds. not much in the way of snow in the great lakes. 32 in cleveland and further out to the west. and looking at cool temperatures. and 42 in denver and deprartures from the highs not too out of the ordinary .
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on the warm side in the plains. uma. >> thank you for that update. the case of the man accused of sharing documents with wikeye leaks will go forward with the presiding officer despite the defense effort to remove them. peter, what can you tell us? >> bradly manning's defense thinks that the attorney is biased because he used to work in the justice department and thought he dealt with wikileaks. he said he was in the child exploitation over there and military decided he is fit to be the presiding officer in the child and don't think believe he exhibits bias. this is the first time we saw private manning since he was arrested and he appeared to be calm and cool and in army fatigues. our producer out in fort meat.
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manning was nervous and spoke softly when he was addressed by the investigating officer and he didn't see who it was in the gallery who shouted out. bradley manning, you are a hero and there are more folks like. manning sympathizers showed up and said they do think that if manning did give wikileaks classified u.s. military information, they think the government is way too harsh on him . because of the army court of appeals found no fault, the case against manning will go on in a courtroom right now. >> thank you for that update. >> iran's foreign minister said his country waited for several days before announcing they had the spy plane. u.s. military said the
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dronemalfunctioned. iran has refused to return the drone to the united states. >> i sure don't think i look like a terrorist. i am in a wheelchair and metal arund my lap . i am in a wheelchair and they thought i looked like a terrorist . she was strip searched on a recent trip to florida. now new york lawmakers are calling for passenger advocacy in the airport. joining us is julie bandaras. julie? >>reporter: that's right, uma whether on the tarmac or hearing passengers complain of being strip searched seems more and more that our nation's airports are repeat offenders of passenger's rights. so the question is. should there be a passenger
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advocate available. the airline have spokes people shouldn't we have one, too. the senators from new york wants a position. poition over the screen screening. an elderly woman defense strip searched in kennedy airport and say tell doesn't strip searches. >> we are calling on the tsa to give a voice to those who are inappropriately treated or subject to screening and desigating an passenger on sight advocate and has the training and who makes the
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judgment as to what is appropriate. sa is planning its own advocacy service and insure that all passengers are treated with dignity and respect. >> tsa has customer service representatives and announced plans to set up an 800 number for passengers with medical assistance and call before going to the airport . the hot line will be available in the future. proposal and advocate said they should be assigned in every airport . you are going through the screening and you have a concern and question. you can make a phone call and that person will be at the checkpoint to answer the questions. >> it is a hot button issue. and lots of people are getting
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set to travel this holiday period, julie. thank you. we are awaiting comments from president obama on a spending bill. he plans to make remarks on that. when he talks we'll bring it to you live in 15 minutes . controversial issues. provision on the key stone pipe line project and talk to one of the supporters. that and the president's threat to veto it plus first lady michelle obama gets asked out on a date. stay with us. motorola. the droid that wirelessly pulls files, music and movies, all at 4g lte speeds. and introducing the droid xyboard. with an 8 inch hd screen and adaptive surround sound, a home theater for your hands. powered by verizon 4g lte,
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wong the sticking points of the bill is the key stone pipe line which republicans say will add thousands of jobs. joining us to sort it all out hutchinson of texas. welcome to have you here today. >> great to be here. >> why was it essential to link the key stone package to the tax cuts. >> it is it langishing over three years. we have done all of the environmental studies. i say the canadian company that is doing the pipe line.
12:22 pm
it is langishing for three years and here we are with a nine percent unemployment rate and this is a project that doesn't require federal dollars and it will create 20,000 jobs according to the company and the unions who support this. and it will provide 700,000 barrels a day going to the refineries and back out to american consumers in the form of lower energy cost it is a win for everyone. and we need to get on with it and we decided it was time to press it and send it through congress. house pass today and now the senate pass today as well >> democrats and the president are opposing it because of greenhouse gas emissions and as you mentioned. unions which are a part of the democrat base say the pipe line is a good thing for jobs. why is the white house determined to delay or stop the pipe line from opening up?
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>> they are not looking at the facts on the environmental impact because actually there will be more greenhouse emit -- emissions if we don't do the pipe line than if we do. you will have to truck this across canada and over to the ocean to put it on ships and send it overseas. why not do it the environmentally safe way which is the pipe line and provide cheaper energy and this environment that helps all of us by refining in america and use in america. >> it is surprising that the unions are backing this and that the democrats still feel that it is it not safe enough to open up at this point because of environmental concerns. >> yes, that is true. i wish the democrats would listen to the unions in this
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case and look at the jobs. we are all looking for ways to create jobs in this country. these are jobs that will create more revenue in our country by people work contributing to our economy. that's what we are all trying to do. why the president is resisting this because of environmental concerns that are proven not to be acivate is a mystery. we are pressing it and hope that the president will sign the bill and he will not find artificial excuse not to go forward with this pipe line. secondly, uma or fifthly. we'll be trading with canada, our best trading partner and ally to the north and not having to rely on middle east oil or venezuela oil that is not reliable and certainly less expensive to take it from canadament >> senator, we'll watch how the debate goes on this issue it is a
12:25 pm
controversial issue. we appreciate you joining us with the insight. >> gusty move by a u.s. marine landed him with a potential with the first lady. during a toys for tots event. the lance corporal asked mrs. obama to company him to the marine bawl provided it is okay with her husband. she brought an aid over to get information. >> and we are minutes away from the president's response. and we'll check in with our chief white house correspondant for the latest. and plus, new york times best selling author coulter is getting heat for supporting mitt romney. we will ask her why she has a change of heart. >> i think well, i will put it
12:26 pm
in a nut shell. if we don't run chris christie. mitt romney is the one.
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>> it is a very busy day in washington. the president is expected to speak on the senate's passage of the two month extension of the pay roll tax cut. ed henry is standing by live with more on this . >> good to see you. we should see the president in a minute or so. it is a clearly a win for the tax cut. he's campaigned to get it on. he had to swallow two bitter pills. not raising millionaire's tax was dropped and give in on the key stone pipe line. we haven't heard the last of that. all this does is that the president has to make a decision in two monthses.
12:31 pm
and so we'll be seeing a flurries of activity as we go over the battle on whether to extend the federal tax cut and the president will make a decision here. you have deeply divided folks on whether or not the key stone pipe line will create a lot of jobs. this is something that the president does get a victory on bottom line, back in september when he pushed the american job's act. he didn't get all $447 billion. but the center was the pay roll tax cut extension. >> he's getting that and there is the president. >> hello, everybody. in the last few weeks, i set out a simple principle that congress shouldn't go home for vacation until it finds a way to avoid giving americans a tax height. extending the pay roll tax
12:32 pm
cuts is an idea that i proposed in september as part of the american jobs act and at a time when so many americans are working harder and harder to keep up. the extra $1,000 that the average family gets from the tax cut makes a difference when you are trying to buy or pay the bills and make a mortgage or repairs . all kinds of independent economist agree. number one challenge facing businesses is the lack of demand from consumers which is why more people spending money means that companies more successful and hire more workers . today, congress finally agreed to extend the middle class tax cut into next year and agreed to a part of the unemployment insurance for millions of americans who are trying hard as they can to find a job. this is spending money that benefits families and businesses and the entire
12:33 pm
economy. and it is it a life line that would have been lost for two and half million people in the first two monthses of next year had congress not acted. i am very pleased to see the work that the senate has done. and disagreement is for two months, it is my expectation, in fact it would be inexcusable for congress to not further extend the tax cut for the rest of the year. it should be a formality and hopefully done with as little drama as possible when they get back in january. this is really not hard. there are plianty of ways to pay are the proposals. this is a way to boost the economy that is supported by these very same democrats and republicans in the past. it is something that economist believe that will assure that the economy and the recovery is on a more stable footing
12:34 pm
than it otherwise would be. and my preference and the preference of most americans that we ask the wealthiest few american to pay their share and corporations to do without special taxpayer subsidy to cover the cost. but i think it is important to get it done. we have a lot more work to do for the people who sent us here and today i am glad both parties in congress came together and i want to thank them for insuring that as we head in the holidays folks at home don't have to worry about the taxes going up. i had a chance to talk to senator reid and mcconnell and i thanked them for their part and look forward to the house moving forward on monday and hopefully we'll be make sure that when everybody gets back next year we extend this further all the way to the end of the year. thank you very much.
12:35 pm
>> the president making brief remarks and saying that he is pleased of the fact that they extended the pay roll tax cut . although he is pushing for the extension to continue through the next year. he did not mention the pipe line. the pipe line that is added to the provision and to the democrats had opposed. but they got it. and henry, standing by. are you surprised he didn't make mention of the key stone pipe line. >> smart of you to pick up on that. but i am not surprised the president failed to mention the pipe line. i can tell you in private while he didn't mention it. white house are confident. we'll see if that is warranted or not. they are confident that in 60 days, the president can do one of two things. he could decide to cancel it altogether or say look it is
12:36 pm
not ready yet. but let the state department review it through the end of the 2012 and getting him to buy more time. we'll see where he comes down on it. and significant, you saw the president touting what is a victory for him. he pushed to get the pay roll tax cut extended for 160 million americans. you heard him focus on that . that sets up a big fight not just on the pipe line. but he said it would be inexcusable if congress doesn't come next year and extend it through the end of 2012. inexcusable but as congress operates tis not a foregone conclusion. president and his aids are saying he didn't get the tax increases about the wealthiest few americans paying their fair share, they insist that come february, it will be hard
12:37 pm
for republican members was congress without extending it before they face the voters and not asking wettleyest americans to pay their share. the president made a similar case in the end of 2010 and had to give in on extending the bush tax cuts for the rich . did it in the last three months and here on the millionaire surcharge. we'll see if he gives in or the republicans give in in february. >> the democrats gave up on the tax increase for the wealthiest americans because they didn't want continued grid lock. what is to say that will not be the case in february? >> that's right. democrats may feel confident and this president may be feeling confident they will pressure republicans as we get closer to the election in 2012, there is no guarantee that that will happen. republicans are sticking together on that issue so far .
12:38 pm
the other point we make in terps of the president not mentioning the key stone pipe line. two weeks ago, he threatened a veto that if the pipe line was attached to the pay rol tax cut he will veto it it is an important note. long-term here . with congress and other matterings wharks kind of credibility he would have in you threaten a veto and you don't follow through. >> absolutely, interesting developments from the white house and thank you for joining us with an update . the stakes remain high. and joining us now with a closer look on what happened and the issues surrounding the 2012 race. ann coulter is joining us. her latest book "demonic" is doing great. >> great to be here. >> let's get your take. republicans are claiming victory on this one because they were able to bypass
12:39 pm
having a tax on millionaires and the fact they were able to attach the pipe line to the provision. >> yes, and this whole episode is important because it gives lie to the nosense don't care about the country. they want to just prevent obama from being reelected. the truth of the matter, democrats and obama wants the pipe line because of the jobs. but doesn't want the environmentalist to get mad. they don't want to tax anyone making over $40,000. and they know that hurts the economy . they pretend to put up a fight with the republicans and compromise and republicans get blamed for protecting the rich so the democrats can deg demagogue. and the republicans git blamed
12:40 pm
and yet jobs will go upped under the obama administration. again republicans care about the country and don't care it helps obama reelection prospects. which he knows it does. >> you have unions backing the pipe line. that is interesting begin the fact that the white house. >> it is not surprising at all. yes, of course, blue collar work yerse teamsters want to drill for oil. we are talking about hundreds of thousands of jobs. democrat party is elite yuppis and environmentalist and that's who obama and the democrats have to kowtow to. dick gebhart last of the old democrats and blue collar democrats voted against drill
12:41 pm
nothing anwar. that shows that the blue party alliance is dead as a door nail. >> i want to ask you a question. the year ago. you said if mitt romney was the nominee republicans would lose the white house. you have changed your mind and done a 180 and surprising a lot of folks and you support romney why? >> first of all. i make predictions it i will make sure i am not sick because i hate how i look in that video. how that was a year ago and there was pawlenty fever and jeb bush and mish daniels. and hope i my love chris christie didn't run, it will be mitt romney. and i didn't hate mitt romney. i thought the only guy who could beat obama is chris
12:42 pm
christie . i think he is spectacular. only a few months after that cpack on fox news shows. i retracted that prediction because obama has a glass jaw. we have gone with a high unemployment rate and economies do go up and down . there are a few things presidents can do like pretend to give in the to key stone pipe line to create jobs. obama has the main stream media and attractive president and an attractive family . has advantages of incumbancey and he will be tough to beat. >> how can you say that mitt romney is the most conservative cand date along with rush - michelle bachmann is out there.
12:43 pm
>> i think they are wrong. they can call him a kenyan and demand the birth certificate. they are the two most conservative candidates and i would thrown in herman cain before. two most important issues. if we lose we'll not get this country back and obama care. and illegal immigration. rick sanatorium or rather rick sanatorium and perry are bad on illegal immigration. rick sanatorium opposed volary eri. we have a system that is 95 percent effective. we should use everify for food stamps and welfare and jobs. rick sanatorium opposed that and perry is bad because he gives in to the corporations and wants cheap slave labor. >> always great to see you and colorful take.
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we appreciate it and check back with you in the often. thank you. >> don't go away. much more after the break. stay with us. self steam cleaner. lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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we would like you to weigh in and tweet your answers. and go to hurricaneuma. i plan to read your responses later this hour and we will continue on the race for the presidency in 2012. >> it's outrageous. i have amendments to save the taxpayers billions of dollars as associated with this bill and never mind. we are going to go home for christmas. >> emotionally charged senator john mccain . obviously not pleased with the
12:49 pm
pay roll tax extension today. president obama speaking not long ago and applaud the senate's action and touting the deal as a means of boosting the economy. and the president adding that it is inexcudable not to extend the middle cut tax cut further. we'll keep you posted on that. and previously in order to be time person of the year. you had to be elected president . this year, apparently all you are had to do is voice your opinion. and liz prada is here with her take on everything. >> high, liz. how are you uma. >> i am doing great. and you? >> i don't know whether to laugh or cry about the time cover. i suppose in the heyday. i would have probably cried. it is so insignificant now ass a new's agency that has any
12:50 pm
kind in it that is new . we want to sort of sardonically look at it and say there we go again. it is the protestor and the person of the year. and speaking of protestors, it was one year ago today in tunisia that a street peddler burned himself alive in the government building after being roughed up by a policemen. he had had enough. that is what touched off the series of protests and riots in the middle east and came to our shores as well. time magazine editor said that in answer to the question of why a group as person of the year instead of an individual. because leadership has come from the bottom of the pyramids and not the top.
12:51 pm
>> liz. i am sorry. we are up against a hard break. we'll come back to you so you can complete your presentation. we'll be right back. stay with us. in his eyes...a rae needs no finish line. ♪ in her eyes... the world is never too big. in his...the weather should never keep you inside. ♪ because they see no limits, there's eukanuba nutrition designed to help their body go as far as their mind wants to. eukanuba. extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary beings. see the difference in 28 days or your money back. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. plus veggie nutrition. fore! no matter what small business you are in,
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ichltd. >> jamie: welcome back.
12:55 pm
>> with all the interruptions, we had to interrupt liz trotta, you had some definitely thoughts about the pick this year and thoughts raising eyebrows in the fact that they've chosen the protester as the person of the year. >> i think you have to distinguish between the protesters putting their lives on the line and risking torture and the rest of it, as compares to the spoiled brats that were downtown and on wall street and they page one of the new york times again this morning, because they're mad at trinity church for not giving them a large piece of land in which they can state their next encampment. so i think you really have to make a distinction, but it sounds to me like time magazine is really out of famous people to become person of the year. my pick would have been, how about seal team six. don't you think maybe they would have been a little better. >> true heroes indeed and i know they would have been an
12:56 pm
excellent choice definitely. thank you, liz. >> there we are. >> there you are, thank you very much as always for your insights. appreciate it. of course we love hearing from you at home and been monitoring twitter spahns and asking you, are you indicated with the current crop of g.o.p. candidates and several of you weighed in and one viewer crow, no, they all lack inspiring personality and there are more responses to you we'll bring to you after the break. that's what i'm hearing in my ear piece. stay with us, everybody. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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